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Stem Mastering for 49 €

••• Stems •••

Export your song up to 8 stereo tracks :
• Kick
• Snare / Clap
• Drums
• Bass
• Synths
• Instruments
• Vocals
• FX

••• Order •••

Stem Mastering : 49 € / Track

Send us your files via wetransfer.com to

••• FAQ •••

How can i send you my work ?
Export your song in 8 stereo stems, zip them in one folder
and use wetransfer.com to send us your files to files@royalmastering.com

What would i get ?
You will get a Stereo WAV 16 Bits / 44,1 kHz Master file of your song,
higher resolutions are possible depending on your given material

Can i have a MP3 version of my master ?
Yes ! Just ask for it, it's free !

Do you master for iTunes ?
Yes ! We can also send you a Mastered for iTunes version,
as well as for Youtube and Spotify, the option it's free !

Do you accept a stereo bounce of my song ?
If your mix is already well balanced, we can master your song from one stereo file.
Send us your file to files@royalmastering.com with wetransfer.com

Could you mix and master my song ?
We offer mixing services, please contact us for more details.

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More questions ?

Please contact us at
for more details

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